Frimurarehotellet has a living history where the building is still owned by the Masonic order. The hotel business, on the other hand, is completely independent and privately owned.

In 1876, the foundation stone of the Masonic House was laid. On May 22, the Masonic brothers went in procession from the old lodge house to the building site. A gilded trowel, made by the brothers A. Rosin, with an inscription commemorating the day, was placed in the foundation of the building’s southeast corner. The house was originally designed by the well-known architect J.F. Åbom, who among other things designed the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Berns Salonger and Södra Teatern in Stockholm.

Right from the beginning, there was a hotel in the building, strategically located near the train station, which is still an advantage today. When the hotel was inaugurated, they were able to offer 18 guest rooms, which according to the advertisement were tastefully decorated. In retrospect, it can be stated that even the hotel’s guests thought that the rooms were in good condition. Therefore, an extension was made in 1928, when they increased the number of guest rooms to 35 in total.

Current owner of the hotel , Jesper Liedstrand, has run the hotel since February 2010.
In April 2014, Helen and Jörgen Rasmussen bought into the hotel and in connection with that the restaurant Kalmar kött och bar was opened. The wall between the hotel and the restaurant was torn down and we became one.
In 2020, our head chef Johan Karlsson also bought in as a co-owner.

At the turn of the year 2022/2023, Helén and Jörgen stepped down and it is today continued to be run by Jesper and Johan. Renovation of the hotel takes place continuously, with the aim of maintaining the genuine 19th century environment.