Frimurarehotellet has a history that goes way back.
Frimurarehotellet was first opened on May 1st 1878.

The building was earlier an elegant top shaped private house, where among others, Kalmar city’s last Kommendant Peter Fredrik Kock resided.

When the hotel was first opened there were 18 guest rooms to offer which, according to the commercials of the time, where tastefully decorated. Since the hotel guests found the the rooms to be in excellent taste, an addition was constructed in 1928, allowing for a total of 35 available guestrooms.

The building was founded by the Freemasons In 1876. On May 22nd, the Freemasons walked in procession from the old Lodge building to the construction site. Beneath the building’s southeastern corner a golden trowel was put, it was crafted by brothers A. Rosin, with an inscription in memory of the day. The house was originally drawn by famous architect J.F. Åbom, who among other buildings also designed Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern, Berns Salonger, Södra Teatern in Stockholm as well as a plethora of churches, castles and mansions. The house was expanded southwards to it’s current location and appearance in 1928.

The property is still owned by the Kalmar Freemasons to this day, while the hotel business is run as a private enterprise.

Current owner of the hotel business, Jesper Liedstrand, have run the hotel since February 2010.

The hotel is renovated on a regular basis, with emphasis on keeping the genuine 19th century feeling of the building.